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Nero Heater

Nero Multi-fuel Heater

Simply pour your favourite fuel into the hopper and press the start button.  The Nero does the rest!  In fact the Nero can be programmed to start and stop so you can wake or come home to a warm house.

The Nero can be run manually or operate on the in-built thermostat to give a constant temperature throughout your home.

When running on grain the Nero will run from 10-17 hours before clinker removal.  This is a simple process which can be seen in the videos.

When running on woody wastes such as crushed olive pits or wood pellets the Nero will run for up to 48 hours without needing to be opened and even then there will only be around 2 cups of ash in the slide out ash tray.

The Nero offers contemporary European styling and is well suited to any sized area.

The Nero starts at $2240.

Technical Info

Height: 900mm
Width: 455mm
Depth: 475mm
Weight: 80kg
Maximum Heat: 7kw
Minimum Heat: 3kw
Fuel Consumption 0.5-1.2 kg/h
Hopper Capacity: 22kg
Power Consumption: <100w
Thermal Efficiency: > 92%
Auto Ignition yes
7 day start/stop timer yes
Maximum noise: 50dB
Remote Controlled yes
Auto Clean Programming yes
Multi-fuel options yes